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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

On the Level of Animals

Author: Reilly Capps/Wednesday, November 20, 2013/Categories: wildlife conservation

By Reilly Capps

Sometimes I think that the nature of humankind may actually be changing. Sometime not too long ago what man sought from the natural world was superiority to it and domination of it. We were always so proud of ourselves when we damned a river were hooked another animal up to a plow.

Now, people seem to get the biggest kick out of things that put us on the same level as nature. A few examples: 

This bonobo, Kanzi, in Des Moines, learned how to make tools, something never observed before in an animal. Lots of animals can use tools. This is maybe the first time we've seen one make a tool. 

So animals can work like us. And animals can play like us. This video is making the rounds:

If those two animals aren't playing with each other in the same way that I play with a dog then I don't know what they're doing.

And this article pretty conclusively demonstrates that whatever you or I have in the way of consciousness or feeling or self-ness, elephants have it too. And if elephants have it -- a soul or whatever -- it's pretty safe to assume that apes and dolphins and dogs and all manner of things do too, and experience the world in a way not too terribly different from the way that we experience it. And while that may strike some as a demotion for us – for more and more of us it makes us feel connected to the larger world, to know that we're not only not so different from many other animals on earth.  

You want to feel connected in life, stories like these expand the circle of beings to whom you can feel connected.

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