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Dr. Jane and a Super Storm

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, November 8, 2013/Categories: sustainability, environment, climate change

Dr. Jane Goodall is known everywhere for her pioneering investigations into animal behavior; her development of the innovative Roots & Shoots program to help kids and young adults appreciate their world; and her tireless efforts at environmental conservation. Her travel schedule should shame anyone many years younger.

Jane Goodall and Mascot, Ms. H. in Hong Kong
(credit: Wiki-commons)

Dr. Jane reflected on the massive cyclone that was slamming into the Philippines:

"The nightmare is that these monsters will become more frequent - perhaps even worse - and spread over more of the planet. Trouble is, it is always the poor people, the environment, and the animals who suffer most.

She was referring to super-typhoon Haiyan packing winds exceeding 200mph and spinning with a diameter of 120 miles. When Dr. Jane made that comment, the super-storm was hitting the archipelago. An ecologist friend living in the Caribbean said that on the Dvorak scale for typhoons and cyclones, this would represent an 8.0 on that scale or the highest in recorded history. At this intensity, the islands where it hit could experience 50 foot waves and 15-20 foot storm surges. A NOAA satellite photo of the approaching typhoon gives an indication of its pending ferocity in the western Pacific.

Super-typhoon Haiyan, November 6, 2013  (credit: NOAA)

Climate change models have consistently predicted storms would increase in strength and frequency. No one can doubt that Haiyan wouldn't fit into an extreme class.

Dr. Jane continues her efforts trying to convince people the environment matters. She added:

"It really seems, as so many people are saying, that Mother Nature has had enough of our human stupidity."

We should all be giving this proper attention or dedicated action.


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