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Going to the Prom

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, November 6, 2013/Categories: natural history, video, sustainability, environment

For years, I've heard about an amazing landscape in southeastern Australia, Wilson's Promontory . The Aussie national park has always been mentioned as a very special place in a land of many special places that dot that vast country. I've never been there but The Prom has generated considerable interest lately as a centerpiece for conservation efforts against development.

Wilson's Promontory NP, Australia  (credit: Wiki-commons)

Wilson's Promontory, Australia  (credit: Peter Dwyer)

Recently, a public campaign was held at Wilson's Promontory where 1200 people created a sparkling sign on the beach that spelled out ‘HANDS OFF PARKS!’ to help bring attention to inappropriate developments in Australian national parks. This is the kind of non-confrontational protest that can really generate results.

Shine a Light for Parks when you go to the Prom sounds like a good thing to do!



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