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Fire Season in OZ

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, October 21, 2013/Categories: photography, environment, climate change

The Australian fire season has begun again. However, it has started 3 months earlier this year. A series of blazes have erupted in New South Wales, Australia's most populous state.

The multiple wildfires, nearly 50 of them out of control, were fanned by high temperatures and erratic winds gusting above 50 miles per hour. The combination of environmental factors has created a "perfect storm" of extremely dangerous fire conditions. A satellite image captured shows the multiple blazes east of Sydney in the Blue Mountains.

New South Wales Fires, 10-17-13  (credit: NASA)

The cause of the fires may be arson, accidents, or random combustion of the tinder-dry bush. Now several of the fires have merged and have turned into raging infernos creating something of their own weather. According to reports, Australia's worst fires in seven years have burned nearly three-quarters of a million acres thus far.

Climate change models predicted Australia to be one of the first countries affected by climate change. The negative impacts have begun in earnest this year in the Land of OZ.


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