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Worst Fashion Moments in Science this Week

Worst Fashion Moments in Science this Week

Author: Lucas Gardner/Saturday, October 5, 2013/Categories: humor

What's up fashion freakers!? A lot happened in science these past few days, so I think it's the perfect time to unveil my new weekly column, in which I recap all the biggest fashion faceplants in science! While some achieved true garment glory, others came out looking like some real criminals of the cloth! Here are this week's worst offenders.


Atlas V launch-site armadillo

Space-heads caught a glimpse of this little guy when he showed up at the launch site of the Atlas V rocket (you can catch him at :23 of this video), but our 4-legged friend here stood out for all the wrong reasons! The Atlas V armadillo came out looking not-so-camera-ready, and has left a lot of people wondering if he's okay. Blech! Looks like Atlas V armadillo should have stayed out of the spotlight this week! Talk about a fashion misfire! Laundry day must have came early for this fashion flunkie!


It's hard to pull off purple - You either can or you can't. I think you know which camp norovirus falls into. This unflattering snapshot hit the web this past week when scientists announced that they've developed a vaccine that reduces symptoms of the norovirus, including vomiting and diarrhea, by 52 percent. Which is good news, because THIS picture of the norovirus makes ME want to vomit! And get diarrhea! Looks like purple is not your color, norovirus.

United States Army explosive ordnance disposal robot


Now THAT is one unf#&kable robot!!!

JEROS, the robot that kills jellyfish