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Making the Impossible Possible: Sustaining the Oceans

the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health was contest announced by XPRIZE

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, September 9, 2013/Categories: natural history, sustainability, environment

The XPRIZE, the sponsor of innovative space flight projects, has announced a new global contest that any Riled Up follower should support. The frontier technology development organization has launched an Ocean Health contest that will provide a $2 million award to the winner of their new design contest. According to XPRIZE, the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health prize aims to:

"spur global innovators to develop accurate and affordable ocean pH sensors that will ultimately transform our understanding of ocean acidification, one of the gravest problems associated with the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2)."

Coral Reefs (credit:US Fish & Wildlife Service)

Ocean chemistry is highly balanced with the oceans the source of atmospheric moisture as well as absorbing pollution including dust, soot, and carbon dioxide. The increase in ocean acidity has been a consistent issue for comment at Riled Up as it effects the ability of marine organisms from phytoplankton like diatoms, to corals, and shellfish form their carbonate dependent structures.
The marine conservationist, Wendy Schmidt, who is funding the XPRIZE marine contest, commented:

“Ocean acidification is a serious threat we are only beginning to understand. It could have significant ecological and societal implications, changing the health of entire ecosystems, affecting the global economy, and the biodiversity of the planet."

The competition will run for 22 months and teams can compete for one or both of the two $1,000,000 purses – one for accuracy and one for affordability of the ocean acidity sensor. Information about the competition, dates, and the registration process for this breakthrough prize is available now at: Ocean Health XPRIZE

You can't find an issue that focuses better on the sustainability of the oceans and expressed so well in her words and actions with the goal of this ocean health contest.


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