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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Lucas reviews the Sounds of Nature: Rainforest CD

Lucas reviews the Sounds of Nature: Rainforest CD

Author: Lucas Gardner/Saturday, September 7, 2013/Categories: humor

Sounds of Nature: Rainforest soundtracks the lush, bustling rainforest, from the soothing sounds of flowing streams to the calming chirp of tropical birds. Sounds of Nature: Rainforest brings you to an exotic, faraway land, and is perfect for relaxing you into a gentle sleep.”


I've been a big fan of nature for a long time, but their 23rd studio album Sounds of Nature: Rainforest is one of the biggest musical disappointments in recent memory. I've always been a fan of nature's heavier stuff, and I don't like to toss around accusations of disinginuity, but nature has sold out and gone too pop. Sounds of Nature lacks the DIY charm of nature's early albums and is likely to break the hearts of the fans who have been listening since the early years.

There are a few lyrics that are classic nature and will please longtime fans (“*frog sound*/*bird noise*”), and a few that are sure to make listeners cringe (“*wind noise*/*wind noise*/*thunder sound*”). The problem with Sounds of Nature: Rainforest is it lacks the cohesiveness that made nature's past work so special. With Rainforest, nature has sloppily churned out an album of what I imagine were meant to be radio hits (John Mayer is featured on 3 tracks), but they all fail to remain memorable after the first listen.

I saw nature sell out the Amazon last week where they played some of the new tracks, and while nature has always been meant to be seen in person rather than heard on CD, even the live shows have lost their spark. Maybe nature has gotten too old, or maybe they've just lost the love of music, but they're lacking the electric, sweaty energy they had in their youth, when they were prone to 30+ minute jams (I saw them do a four hour thunder solo in the Galapagos in 1996).

As tragic as it is, nature's art has suffered since their vocalist, tropical bird, got off heroin. Nature fans, skip out on Rainforest. It is a dark spot on nature's otherwise fantastic musical discography.



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