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Obama's Uses for His New Solar Power

Obama's Uses for His New Solar Power

Author: Reilly Capps/Saturday, August 17, 2013/Categories: humor

The White House is installing new solar panels on its roof. Here are ten things Obama will do with the extra energy: 

.. Neon New Belgium sign for Biden's new "boys only" basement rec room. 

.. Likes to joke that "It's for my Electric Slide. Just kidding, that's Barack-powered!" before breaking into dance. 

.. Powering the remote control drone to keep an eye on Hillary; possibly incinerating her. 

.. Electric hair-styler for Bo.

.. Emergency fail-safe backup batteries for Teleprompter.

.. Heating the hot tub; Biden's got some ladies coming over. 

.. Pumping the Benghazi-document-shredder up to 100 kilowatts. 

.. Popping some popcorn to really enjoy reading the juiciest, sexiest emails obtained by the NSA. 

.. Power missile shield to protect from Boehner's House SAMs.

.. Forget this "man of the people" stuff; he's electrifying the fence. 

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