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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Alien Encounters

Author: Reilly Capps/Thursday, August 15, 2013/Categories: marine mammals

By Hugh Bollinger  

Mostly we think about aliens with intelligence on some distant planet. Some alien beings, though, live a lot closer to us, right here on Earth -- they just live in an aquatic world while we inhabit a gaseous one. A close encounter with a humpback whale will convince you of that.   

Recently, an opportunity arose to join two other friends in a small “tinny boat” no more than 10 feet in length to do some fishing. In the distance, we observed several pods of whales swimming. The whales were several mother pairs with their nursing young. Guarding each was a “sheppard” bachelor male. We motored our little boat towards the whales, stopped the outboard motor, and just sat their watching them.

The video shows what happens when a gigantic creature -- bigger than a boxcar -- decides to come over and see who we were. The video is captured in wide-angle so the whale looks farther away than the actual 15 feet off the tinny’s bow:

The whale breached, came up to the boat a couple of times, looking directly at us with his huge eye, circled, and then dove away. Definitely encounters of an alien kind -- and fantastic!

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