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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Bright Ideas

changing the world in new and positive ways takes determination and initiative

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Sunday, July 21, 2013/Categories: sustainability, art and design, environment

From time to time Riled Up learns of new ideas that promote environmental sustainability, action expressed thru art, and mindful living that deserve further consideration. Here are three grassroots initiatives that would easily quality:

Narrative4 : was founded by the Irish novelist, Colum McCann among others. This new organization has the goal of presenting short fiction by international authors who wish to promote social change through storytelling. Believing
that sharing tales is the key to opening the world, Narrative4 calls for “fearless hope through radical empathy” telling one great story at a time. Here's what N4 is all about

Transition Lab : Transition Lab was organized by young, passionate, and
energetic dreamers who want to contribute to a resilient world. The lab trains people to model, explore, and create that future. The team are now semi-finalists in MIT's Climate CoLab sustainability contest that would bring them to Cambridge to share their positive message if their project is successfully supported.

The Green Tea Party : organized by Paul Hawken, the business author and environmental thinker among others, The Green Tea Party aims to bring people together from diverse perspectives in genuine conversation, generating creative new solutions to our collective challenges, which are many. Green tea parties can foster our collective wisdom. Think about rolling out that yoga mat and offer a Green Tea Party of your own. Here's how: Twelve Tips for Throwing a Green Tea Party

Most ventures begin small and express the unique vision of their original entrepreneurs. With proper dedication, hard work, and a "little bit of help from their friends" the young enterprises can grow, flourish, and become something far larger.

These are three bright ideas worth watching.


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