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Science Fair Projects That Will Get You Noticed

Science Fair Projects That Will Get You Noticed

Author: Lucas Gardner/Monday, June 24, 2013/Categories: humor

By Lucas Gardner

When school comes back around this Spring, some of you younger readers might find yourself in need of some ideas for science projects or presentation topics, say, for a science fair or the like. Here are some that are all your's for the taking!
  • A simple tin can telephone, but when someone puts their ear into it, there's a guy on the other line who claims to be their “real father.” Their whole world is rocked...

  • Present an unfinished poster board that just says “How long can a fish survive with no water?” Stand next to the poster board crying and holding a dead goldfish. Get sympathy A+.

  • A project called “What effect does radiation have on cats?” Bring a horse to school; insist that it's the cat you tested the experiment on.

  • Write the word “EVERYWHERE!” on a poster board. When people ask you about it, say “Science is EVERYWHERE, man;” Sell a bunch of weed after the science fair.

  • A Super Size Me type experiment where you take steroids for a month leading up to the due date to examine the effects on your body; skip the science fair to go CRUSH SOME P***Y!!!!

  • Just see how fat you can get.

  • See how much mud you can eat.

  • Build a simple robot (that frames your teacher for MURDER!!! Get A+ via blackmail)

  • Build environmentally friendly RC Car

  • Model volcano with REAL LAVA!???

  • A dog. Just bring a dog in.

  • Screen the movie Jurassic Park.

  • Scientific investigation called “Squids: The Best Huggers?”

  • Scientific investigation called “Why Did The Dinosaurs Kill Themselves?”

  • Scientific investigation called “What Is The Best Type of Graph?” (conclude that “they are all rad”)

  • Calculate all the digits of pi (to the left of the decimal [very easy project. There's only one. It's 3]).

- Science writer and comedian Lucas Gardner reviews everything at


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