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World's Biggest Coal Company Installing ... Solar Panels

Author: Reilly Capps/Friday, July 12, 2013/Categories: environment

Coal India, trying to reduce its energy bills, installs solar panels. 

This seems like McDonald's endorsing a vegan diet or Exxon Mobil ordering a fleet of Volts, but Coal India is, indeed, installing solar panels at some of its mines. 


the most striking aspect of the decision is the company’s own recognition that fossil fuels are depleting, and that solar is approaching grid parity.

"India has an abundance of sunshine and the trend of depletion of fossil fuels is compelling energy planners to examine the feasibility of using renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, and so on,” Coal India’s bid document said.

They're not the only Indian company going this way. Tata, the industrial giant, says that solar is cheaper than grid power in much of India. They see a $1.3 billion opportunity there, and are manufacturing solar panels. 

It's been a tough PR run for Coal India lately, as they've been investigated for unfair business practices. But an emphasis on solar could help them out. 

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