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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Antarctica Revealed

a new map of Antarctica reveals landscapes covered by the ice cap

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, June 5, 2013/Categories: natural history, adventure

With the exception of the Antarctic Peninsula, the McMurdo Dry Valleys, and a few random mountains, Antarctica is locked in ice that are thousands of feet thick. Now, the ice covered landscapes have been revealed by a new map created by the British Antarctic Survey and NASA radar imagery.

Known as Bedmap2, the landforms revealed by the ice-penetrating radar produce perspectives of vast mountains and valleys completely hidden by the ice cap above.

Bedmap2, Antarctica Landforms Revealed by Radar  (credit: British Antarctic Survey/NASA)

NASA's Goddard Space Institute produced an animation of the vast "big data" sets that were gathered over the past 10 years by the orbiting radar surveys.

According to the British Antarctic Survey, the new map increases knowledge of the sub-glacial environment and will be help future generations of ice sheet modelers, physical oceanographers, structural geologists, and climatologists concerned about the impact of climate change on Antarctica.

Big Data is super-cool to visualize in any form!


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