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Living Tiny

Building tiny allows efficiency and more time for other pursuits

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Sunday, May 26, 2013/Categories: art and design

Here at the annual gathering in Telluride known as Mountain Film, everyone is working to find solutions to living more efficiently and sustainably. Whether you're a filmmaker, writer, or photographer, you bring ideas as to how this might be accomplished. One film in particular, TINY, explored them in multiple ways.

TINY is a documentary about home and how it is imagined. The documentary follows one couple’s attempt to build a “tiny house” from scratch and profiles other folks who have downsized their lives into homes smaller than the average person's garage parking space. With their homes stripped down to their essentials, the film poses questions about good design, the nature of living, and the changing face of "living the dream".

Super-small Home Design, Exterior & Interior  (credit: SWP Media/TINY)

The mobile house was powered by a panel of solar PV cells and did appear small by any modern home standards but it provided a living area, kitchen, bath, and sleeping loft. I viewed the small unit with two little guys, 4 and 5 years old, and asked them what they thought and both said: "it looks like a tree-house" and wanted to climb up into the loft. The two kids aside, I'm not sure this house would fit other people's idea of a home but the  maintenance and upkeep expenses were minimal allowing the owners opportunities to save money and explore other pursuits.

It seems some folks have decided to live small to live large.



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