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Mine's Faster than Yours

Russian rovers have driven further than USA robot explorers.

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, May 21, 2013/Categories: space science

Data and information can be displayed in many forms and a fun infographic was developed by NASA to illustrate moon and Mars rovers and their distance driving skills. In the global rover driving competition, the Russians have won the distance contest so far.

he sturdy Opportunity rover continues rolling about Mars and has logged-in a total 22 miles since landing in 2004. However, the rover still has a way to go before beating the remote-controlled Lunokhod 2 launched to the moon by the Russians in 1973. It traveled 23 miles before its mission ended.

Out-of-this-World Driving Records  (credit: NASA)

Several of these super high-tech "dune buggies" continue their scientific explorations including the amazing Curiosity robot currently exploring Gale Crater for signs of habitable past environments on Mars.

Let the driving competitions continue!


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