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The 97 Percent

Author: Reilly Capps/Thursday, May 16, 2013/Categories: climate change

The debate is over. It's over. Give it a rest. 

After looking at 12,000 scientific papers published over the last 20 years, researchers determined that only 2 percent of them rejected the idea that global warming is being caused by humans. A full 97 percent endorse the mainstream view. (1 percent were uncertain.)

The reason for the study is that, still, the public believes there is "disagreement" or "debate" on climate science. The authors write: 

Despite these independent indicators of a scientific consensus, the perception of the US public is that the scientific community still disagrees over the fundamental cause of GW. From 1997 to 2007, public opinion polls have indicated around 60% of the US public believes there is significant disagreement among scientists about whether GW was happening (Nisbet and Myers 2007). Similarly, 57% of the US public either disagreed or were unaware that scientists agree that the earth is very likely warming due to human activity (Pew 2012). 

​This study should be the end of all claims that there is still a "debate." Of course it won't be. 

-- RC

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