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Ask a Roboticist with Lucas Gardner

Ask a Roboticist with Lucas Gardner

Author: Lucas Gardner/Saturday, May 11, 2013/Categories: humor

Welcome to my new weekly column, Ask A Roboticist, where YOU can ask me anything you want to know about the science of robots. Earlier this week I asked for your questions via Twitter, and now I'm back with answers!

(I should mention that I am NOT a roboticist, so I'm merely doing my best here.)

As a roboticist, how do you feel about the Human Rights Watch intent to ban armed autonomous robots?

I'm not a roboticist.

I am working on a drivable robot that can be controlled by laptop via wifi. I don't even know where to start! What do you suggest?

I would suggest that you speak to some sort of roboticist.

I recently purchased the Turnigy TrackStar 4168 2650KV 1/8th Brushless Motor and the torque rating is not listed in the data sheet. Is there a way to calculate this?

I don't know.

Can you recommend a 3-way valve that could be turned by a servo and operate at at least 60 PSI?

What is a 3-way valve?

I am applying for the Worcester Polytechnic Institute next year, but have yet to scope out any back-up schools with good robotics programs. Where did you go and can you make any recommendations?

I studied film at community college.

Will the Banggood New Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module RS232 work with Arduino?

What the hell?

Have you ever constructed a robot with a simple conductive glue rather than by means of standard soldering methods? Is this discouraged?

I've never built a robot, man.

I know very little about robotics and would like to build a simple humanoid bi-ped. Can you get me started?

Ask a roboticist!

What's the best way to weatherproof a metal box in which all my electronics are contained?


I am interested in building a small racing robot. Do you recommend I program it with C or C+?

Nerd alert!

What are some good beginner's guides to Model Aeronautics?

Great question!

Come back next week for another round of Ask A Roboticist!

UPDATE: Ask A Roboticist has been canceled.


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