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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Stormy Seas

A storm stretches across the Atlantic Ocean from Canada to Europe.

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Sunday, March 31, 2013/Categories: photography, environment

Hurricane Sandy resulted from the convergence of multiple storm systems last fall. A tropical hurricane from the south, a cold air mass from Canada, and a storm front off the Atlantic Coast combined to produce the super-storm that left over $50 billion dollars in damages in its wake. Now, another massive system has appeared but this time it stretches from Canada to Europe and from the Caribbean to Greenland.

NOAA's Ocean Prediction Center says the storm got this big by the merging of multiple low-pressure systems. The merging weather systems gave the storm more power intensified by moisture gradients between warm moisture from the southern Gulf Stream and frigid air from the north. The photograph taken by NASA's Aqua satellite captured the extent of the new super-storm.

Atlantic Spanning Storm (credit: NASA/Aqua)

The United Kingdom has experienced major weather already and Isle of Mann received over 10 feet of snow in one storm event. It crippled the island that relies on sheep farms and tourists.

It's a big storm!


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