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Google "Summits"

Google views the Seven Summits

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, March 20, 2013/Categories: photography, adventure

Google wasn't happy simply showing street views for their Google Maps application but has now decided to present photographic perspectives from the world's highest peaks, the famous Seven Summits .

As Google said in their announcement about the new maps: "While there’s nothing quite like standing on the mountain, with Google Maps you can instantly transport yourself to the top of these peaks and enjoy the sights without all of the avalanches, rock slides, crevasses, and dangers from altitude and weather that mountaineers face."

cerro Aconcagua  (credit: Google Maps)

Part of the excitement (and fun) of adventure travel or any mountaineering experience is in the surprise of what may await at the end of a long trek. Whether or not these new maps is a good idea remains a question.



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