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Climate Change Makes us Lazy

Author: Reilly Capps/Tuesday, March 12, 2013/Categories: climate change

Colder countries are richer than hot countries. Norway and New Zealand don't have much in common -- but they're both richer than Mali and Ecuador. 

One plausible explanation for why countries in certain northern latitudes tend to be richer than countries in certain southern latitudes is simply that, in hot countries, it's too hot to work. 

When it's too hot, you don't feel like doing anything. Too hot = hammock time. Too hot = lemonade and fans. Too hot = sweat in your fat rolls. It's hard to look at spreadsheets when you're chafing. 

What's worse? The world is getting hotter. 

Does that mean it's going to get too hot to work? 

In fact, it does mean that. 

What's more, we're already doing less work, at least according to a report in Nature Climate Change

We work 10 percent less hard than we used to in the summer because it's so hot, the report says. 

"Environmental heat stress has reduced labour capacity to 90% in peak months over the past few decades," the report says, projecting a further lazification, a "labour capacity reduction to 80% in peak months by 2050."

And you think Americans are lazy NOW? Wait til it's too hot to work. 

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