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The Beauty of a Graph

The Beauty of a Graph

Author: Reilly Capps/Tuesday, March 12, 2013/Categories: climate change

The age of the written word is coming to an end. We're too busy for it. In the future, we'll be showing as much as possible as quickly as possible. Photography does this as well as anything. Video's even better. 

But if you're trying to represent not a thing but an idea, the future will belong to those who can express an idea as quickly as possible. Charts and graphs are good for this. You like charts. I like charts. Mid-level marketing managers LOVE charts. 

So, if the idea is, "We can only put out so much more carbon dioxide before we all fry," here's a quick way to visualize it. Big blocks represent carbon dioxide, and the flow chart below represents the consequences. By the great folks at Information Is Beautiful. (Original version here.)

This graph shows beautifully how much more carbon dioxide we can put out before doom. It's a simple and readable chart.  

(Spoiler alert: the outcome isn't that great.) 

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