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Which Fish is OK to Eat?

Consumers of seafood should be aware of sustaining fisheries.

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, March 11, 2013/Categories: wildlife conservation, sustainability

The global demand for fresh fish continues to climb. In some cases, the mechanized harvests of fish such as bluefin tuna, cod, and sharks has decimated the stocks to where their recovery may be jeopardized.

Based on a simple triage system of Yes, Maybe, or No, Researchers at
the Marine Conservation Society, Greenpeace, and Seafood Watch have developed a chart that provides consumers information on Which Fish are OK to Eat without destroying the species. Anyone who loves some grilled fish or a bit of sushi should be concerned about the sustainability of ocean fisheries.

It would be worth paying attention to the consumption chart the next time you go to the seafood counter at your local market.


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