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2013 Rowell Award from the American Alpine Club

Nat Geo photog Aaron Huey given adventure award

Author: Reilly Capps/Friday, March 1, 2013/Categories: photography

Aaron Huey, a remarkable photographer and seemingly tireless adventurer, was awarded the American Alpine Club's 2013 Rowell Award for the Art of Adventure. Which is a pretty good name for an award.

Adventure is a kind of art, and Huey does it better than most. Seemingly out of boredom, he walked across the country in 2002, just him and his dog. Seemingly out of boredom, he built a wood-fired hot tub. Maybe that's where a lot of adventure starts: boredom.

Huey's a friend of mine, but he's worth getting to know in spite of that lapse in judgment. More than boredom, though, his work is driven by a sense of purpose, a desire to see what others don't take the time to look at, and a desire to bring real change. He's an adventurer trying to change the things he sees.

One of his main passions is the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, and his photos of that crumbled rez appeared as a National Geographic cover story last year.

Congrats, Huey.

[Photo of Aaron Huey, right, working with Shepard Fairey on a street art project to promote the interests of the Pine Ridge Indians]


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