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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

A Little Aussie Battler

Author: Guest Writer/Tuesday, September 25, 2012/Categories: Uncategorized

Riled Up’s occasional contributor Wayne Osborn and his wife Pam provided a new report on whale migrations from their vantage point at Exmouth Gulf on the Indian Ocean coastline of Western Australia. They posted this note from a recent observation today during their current humpback whale population survey:


Injured Whale Calf  (credit: Wayne Osborn)

“Hi all: This is a new season whale calf we photographed in Exmouth Gulf a few days ago. This guy has been worked over to the max by killer whales and has survived. The trauma for mum and the calf during the attack can only be one of the most fundamental challenges in the natural world - whilst a natural event, it would be truly terrifying if you happen to be the unfortunate subject. Whether this “little battler” will make it all the way to Antarctica with mum (who has stuck by her calf through the epic battle) is a matter for conjecture. So if your problems loom large, think of this little guy who has been through a trauma mill in the first few weeks of life. Cheers, Wayne and Pam”

It is through the constant efforts of dedicated marine researchers and advisors like the Osborn’s that the status of whale, dolphin, and other marine mammal populations are determined. 



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