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Australia on Fire

Author: Guest Writer/Friday, January 11, 2013/Categories: Uncategorized

Australia is on fire.

Since the end 2012, hundreds of bushfires have raged throughout continent. Fueled by a record-breaking temperatures exceeding 109F, widespread drought, and resin filled bush vegetation the environmental conditions are set for a triple threat of wildfires. Widespread fires have struck from New South Wales, to Victoria, to Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania. Photography captured by several environmental monitoring satellites show the extent of the burning that began last September and has increased ever since.

Tasmania-fires   burn-scars-nt-australia   cape-york-queensland-australia   

  Fires in Tasmania                                      Fires Scars, Northern Territories              Cape York Fires, Queensland

  (credit: NASA, Jan. 2013)                        (credit: AQUA, Sept. 2012)                     (credit: AQUA, Dec. 2012)

With temperatures predicted to enter an entirely new level of severity, “Code Purple”, it is likely the wildfires will continue raging. Pity the poor Australians, forests, and wildlife caught in the cross-fire as you watch the short video from Australian TV!



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