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Thar be Dragons!

Author: Guest Writer/Monday, January 14, 2013/Categories: Uncategorized

In ancient mythology and oral sagas, the Kraken was a legendary sea monster of gigantic proportions that dwelled in the deep, dark seas. “Thar be dragons” was a common reference to the ocean habitat of the beast. The kraken was always depicted with long arms and a fearsome appearance.  The kraken was said to rise up from the depths, envelop sailing ships, and killing all the mariners as it drug the vessel to the bottom of the sea.


The Kraken in Literature  (credit: file image)

Now, marine researchers have captured the first video of a real-life “kraken” alive but one with a more recognizable form---a giant squid---living at depths exceeding 2000 feet off the coast of Japan. Edie Widder, a scientist with the Ocean Research & Conservation Association, captured the footage along with Japanese colleagues. A documentary will be shown on the Discovery Channel soon. Before then, you can view a few seconds of the creature.

Thar be dragons---for real!



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