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A House Not So Divided

Author: Guest Writer/Wednesday, January 23, 2013/Categories: Uncategorized

So, President Obama finally decided to speak frankly and strongly about climate change. He chose to avoid the subject during the election campaign, but signaled in his inauguration speech that he feels it’s time to act.

Perhaps the president recently read a study from George Mason University and Yale University, entitled “Global Warming’s Six Americas,” which found that an increasing number of Americans not only believe global warming is real, human-caused and threatening, but to varying degrees they support policies to combat it. 

Additionally, even the minority that doesn’t support action on global warming does support conversion to renewable energy sources.

The Six Americas study, which has been updated several times since its 2009 inception, maintains the American public can be divided into six distinct groups on the topic of global warming. The researchers labeled the six groups Alarmed (13 percent), Concerned (26 percent), Cautious (29 percent), Disengaged (6 percent), Doubtful (15 percent) and Dismissive (10 percent). 

At opposite ends of the spectrum, the “alarmed” crowd is most likely to support policies to combat global warming, while the “dismissive” group simply doesn’t believe in global warming and won’t support action to fight it. Interestingly, however, both the “alarmed” and “dismissive” groups, along with the others in between, do support a national conversion to clean energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal.

Three key take-away points: 

1. America is less divided on global warming than is often assumed.
2. There is strong support for accelerating the transition to clean energy.
3. There is growing support for Congress, the president and industry to take action on climate change 

Read the report. The American public is not in agreement, but it does appear more solution-minded than Congress.

– Bob Ward


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