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Yes, It's Cold in New York

Author: Guest Writer/Wednesday, January 23, 2013/Categories: Uncategorized

By Reilly Capps

East Coasters think that the whole world is the East Coast, when in fact the East Coast is only four-fifths of the world (approximately). So whatever is happening in New York matters more than what happens to the sad people who live in states that are not New York, whatever those states might be called.

So when a super hurricane slams into the East Coast, suddenly climate-change is an issue. When an insane person shoots people on the East Coast, suddenly guns are an issue. When And, this week, when it is cold, suddenly global warming no longer exists.

Twitter is full of annoying East Coasters (you could end that sentence right there, and it would always be true) who are complaining today today about how cold it is (18 degrees in Manhattan at this moment). There are lots of hashtags like #WhatGlobalWarming and #GlobalWarningIsAMyth, with pictures of ice and snow offered as proof. 

Here are five quick responses you can post to your narcissistic friends who believe that the weather where they are is the only weather that exists: 

1. The glaciers are still melting. Why don't you truck some of that snow from your doorstep up to Greenland?  

2. It's hot in Australia. Kangaroos have swamped the barbershops, asking for buzz cuts. 

3.  On average, the Earth is warming. Here's a nice visualization. 


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